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Business philosophy: integrity management, create brilliant.
Marketing concept: lock win-win model, and create customer value.
Service concept: customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of enterprises.
Enterprise style: Excellence, sequential fast forward.
Quality concept: one to do things right, character decision products.
Implementation concept: not to find reasons for failure, only to find a successful method.
Salary concept: there is no fruit of the reward, unpaid compensation is a shame.
The idea: line is better than words, better than wisdom.
Philosophy: intentions focus, and constantly go beyond, the achievements of self.
Team concept: unlike the beach stone hit each other. Like stars, like each other shine.
Entrepreneurial philosophy: life does not fail, only to give up in advance.
Development concept: Jicheng, financial integration into the world financial; National Cheng Kung University, take the potential soul of plastic treasure dragon.
Market philosophy: Gold Cup as word of mouth.
Safety Concept: Safety is the respect for human life through your actions.
Employment concept: talented and talented reuse, there is no moral education, without virtue only limited, no virtue without.
Growth concept: there is no unfair treatment, only unfair ability; there is no unfair ability, only unfair learning. 

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