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The company has always put customer needs in the first place, a better understanding of your needs, improve our quality of service "quality first, the customer first, service to forever; with our sincere, for customer confidence"; For customer service standards, we should run through it, research and development, production, installation, sales and after-sales service in all aspects.
1, the equipment free installation and commissioning, and equipment operators daily operation and use of common failure to determine and emergency solutions and security training, the whole free system training.
2, the large-scale equipment from the factory since the date of qualified one-year warranty, small and medium-sized equipment from the date of the factory warranty for six months, life-long maintenance, free maintenance during the warranty period {human factors or irresistible natural phenomenon Except in the event of failure or damage}.
3, the user in the normal use of performance failure, the failure to receive notification of equipment, 2 hours to respond and give a solution, if not resolved, will arrive in the shortest possible time to solve the problem to the site until the normal use of equipment .
4, in the warranty period, the following conditions will implement paid maintenance services,
(1) Damage due to artificial or irresistible natural phenomena
(2) malfunction or damage caused by improper operation
(3) damaged by others repair
5, more than the warranty period of product maintenance and repair should be undertaken by the user repair, fragile parts and the cost of transportation costs.
Before the installation and commissioning of the user should provide the appropriate preparatory work, and actively cooperate.

        The whole process of monitoring: the customer only a phone, after-sales service using a one-stop mode, asked the first responsibility system, monitoring and implementation of the entire process and track the results to ensure customer satisfaction.

        All-care services: the use of information resources, the establishment of a complete customer file, through technical services to solve customer problems in the course of the product, and regular telephone return visit to understand the use of products, provide technical advice and guidance.

        Improve communication and coordination mechanism: through strengthening communication, improve the timely transmission of information, accuracy, in-depth market, listen to the voice of the user, understand customer wishes.

        My company would like to: by quality, volume, on time for the completion of the production tasks, and timely delivery of products to the user needs of the scene to ensure the normal operation.
        I guarantee that the products are the latest, not used, is the use of advanced technology production process, and fully meet the standard design, quality and performance of high stability and high quality service.


   In order to bring you the best after-sales service to provide you with several 24-hour service Tel:

   Replacement of accessories: 024-24238585 13700047216 Wang Yuan (Shenyang) QQ: 1014310894

                           Small Xu (Weihai) QQ: 329305803

      Large and medium-sized equipment maintenance: 130,808,936,29,13,998,1999,808 Chen Lizhong

   Small equipment maintenance: 13080893639 Zhang Biying

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