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On the management of large amusement equipment manufacturer

Date:2016年12月2日 21:04

Large-scale play equipment manufacturers in China has been everywhere, many productive enterprises to flourish, amusement equipment factory and other productive enterprises, management for enterprises is very important. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, product data management

Amusement equipment all the drawings and creative drawings must be unified and unified management, unified replacement and change. Including flat, 3D, and hand-painted information

Second, production management

Amusement equipment required for outsourcing, home-made accessories, etc., how to buy, how much to buy, the procurement cycle, into the factory inspection

Third, the staff emotional investment

All enterprises are the same, to retain a good staff, so that employees have a good cohesion and enthusiasm to a good product. Employees are not happy, then you produce the amusement equipment will not bring happiness to people

Of course, this is just a simple to talk about from several aspects, if you are interested you are welcome to Weihai Jinshan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. to visit the experience.


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