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Large - scale amusement equipment and small and medium - sized playground equipment horizontal contrast

Date:2016年12月2日 21:02

Large-scale amusement equipment to bring people to stimulate the experience, small and medium-sized play equipment to bring people is a parent-child and happiness, and as an investment for that choice is correct

The advantages of large-scale play equipment, eye-catching! With pleasure can see. To maximize the attract tourists, carrying capacity, a run 3-5 minutes, can carry 15-20 people. The benefits are substantial.

The disadvantage is that too much the same, such as large pendulum, roller coaster, high-altitude flying. Almost all major amusement parks have. Tourists will have a sense of weariness.

The advantages of small and medium-sized amusement equipment, novelty! Each amusement equipment manufacturer's production of rail cars, viewing vehicles are not the same. Giving visitors a different experience. Less investment, quick. A family or even a person can operate. Small footprint.

The disadvantage is that carrying capacity is relatively small, the device is not particularly stable moving line.

Weihai Jinshan play remind you: according to your money and site conditions to select your device. Of course, as the amusement equipment manufacturers will guide you throughout the play equipment selection!

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