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The company always puts customers' needs first, to better understand your needs and improve the quality of our services

After-sales service book

The company always puts the needs of customers in the first place, to better understand your needs and improve the quality of our services; "quality first, customer first, service forever; with our heart, for the customer's peace of mind"; is our company's guidelines for customer service, to put it through, research and development, production, installation, sales and after-sales service Each link.

1、 Free installation and commissioning of equipment, and the daily operation and use of equipment operators, the determination of common failures and emergency solutions and safety training, the whole free system training.

2, our large equipment from the date of qualification factory warranty period of one year, small and medium-sized equipment from the date of qualification factory warranty period of six months, lifelong maintenance, free door-to-door maintenance within the warranty period {except for faults or damage caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena}.

3, the user in the normal use of performance failure, after receiving notification of equipment failure, 2 hours to respond and give a solution, such as failure to solve, will arrive at the scene in the shortest possible time to solve the problem until the normal use of equipment.

4、 During the warranty period, the following cases will be implemented with paid maintenance services

(1). Due to man-made or irresistible natural phenomena and the occurrence of damage

(2). Failure or damage caused by improper operation

(3). Damaged by others to repair

5, more than the warranty period of the product for maintenance and repair should be the user to bear the cost of repair, wear and tear parts and round-trip transportation costs.

Before the installation and commissioning of the user side should provide the corresponding preparatory work, active cooperation.

Full process monitoring: customers only need a phone call, the after-sales service department adopts the one-stop model, the first question responsible system, the whole process of monitoring the implementation and tracking the results of processing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Full care service: using information resources, establishing complete customer files, solving problems arising in the use of customer products through technical services, and understanding the use of products through regular telephone callback services, providing technical advice and guidance.

Improve the communication and coordination mechanism: through strengthening communication, improve the timeliness and accuracy of information transmission, go deeper into the market, listen to the voice of users, and understand the wishes of customers.

Our company would like to promise: to complete the production tasks of the supplied products according to the quality, quantity and time, and to transport the products to the customer's demand site in time to ensure normal operation.

Our company guarantees that the supplied products are brand new, unused, produced with advanced technology process and fully conform to the standard design, stable quality and performance with high precision and excellent service.

In order to bring you the best quality after-sales service to provide you with 24-hour service phone: 0631-5929777