Large amusement equipment safety issues should be layers of gatekeepers

The theme park in large amusement equipment to stimulate, thrilling, hearty has been loved by young people, often overcrowded, a few minutes of the project light queue will be 1-2 hours. The following several cases of playback, are involved in the time problem, when the joy of a few minutes of play time into a high altitude ten minutes or several minutes of waiting, that really becomes "exciting". The reporter interviewed several large theme parks in charge of the safety of large rides in the park, to talk about the practice of several large parks.

Equipment should be strict procurement off

** Pleasant Valley's "Crystal Wings" roller coaster, ** Joy World's "Fire Meteor" suspended roller coaster, ** Joy World's ten-ring roller coaster and **** City's "roller coaster ", **** world of "white dragon flying", etc., are large special equipment, any link shall not be sloppy and careless.

The reporter learned that the procurement process is the first step to start the safety and security. For example, some manufacturers with production and installation of large rides, they not only emphasize the speed, tension and smoothness of the equipment, but also the unique design and overall safety. Because the manufacturers to ensure quality are limited production, a year on a few, can not grab to wait. Imported equipment is not only the main material (steel) is good, from the production, technical level have reached a mature level, all the equipment in Happy Valley are imported equipment, has put the first safety gate.

System should be strictly run off

Equipment procurement first laid the foundation for safety, regular maintenance, overhaul and spare parts replacement is also very important, it is understood that major theme parks have developed a relevant equipment management system, such as ** the "equipment maintenance quality management system", "equipment and facilities maintenance records" to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, such as Happy Valley's daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection, etc., the daily size of the equipment to test sit six times normal Operation before putting into use, regular safety drills, a set of standardized system.

Equipment can go wrong if it is overloaded, and large equipment will be shut down at 4-5 pm, which is fundamental to ensure that the equipment can run normally the next day. On the issue of hovering overhead equipment, the equipment is littered with sensors, and when a foreign object enters the sensing area, the emergency braking of the equipment is the protection of visitors. Happy Valley and other large amusement parks have prepared special emergency plans for each ride.

Warnings should be strictly tourist off

Each amusement device has a prompt sign in front of it, above from height, physical condition, past medical history and the degree of dangerous stimulation of the equipment are more detailed markings to remind visitors of their ability to do so. Reminder is very critical, the staff is not only the operator of the equipment, but also the messenger of the safety protection of tourists, to strictly gate-keep, strict control of height, weight and age and other hard indicators, for the physical condition of tourists such invisible indicators, but also more reminders, more attention.

Like ***** explorer canoe project, the requirement is that tourists riding the canoe must reach the height of the feet on the ground, then the project door is really a small bench, for the boundaries of the blurred tourists to try to sit, not up to the standard of tourists then argue can not enter the play.

In fact, whether it is domestic equipment or foreign equipment, there is an accident rate, but as long as from all aspects always sound the alarm, you can minimize the accident rate and avoid tragedies.

Safety Tips

Visitors must go to the big brand, with the scale of the theme park play, for small park equipment, not only the quality of the equipment itself is difficult to guarantee, equipment maintenance and testing is the flower in the water, the moon in the mirror, the casualties in various places more from small park equipment problems.

Visitors must carefully and carefully read the visitor reminders, have a preliminary understanding of the equipment they are about to play, their own physical condition should also be measured, not to be brave or seek fresh reckless, resulting in tragedy.

Tourists for equipment unexpected accidents, try to remain calm, do not panic, wait for the staff to deal with, to be resolved after the accident, but also to do a good job of defending rights, clear rights and responsibilities, to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Tourists go out to play the best for themselves and their families to buy an accident insurance, although some theme park tickets are included in the insurance, accidental accidents who do not want to happen, but if you can give the accident to do a protection, but also to reduce their losses some.

Case Playback

Equipment failure at Changlong Happy World At 14:29 on July 5, 2012, the vertical roller coaster at Changlong Happy World broke down and the automatic protection device took effect, causing the equipment to stop running and trapping 28 visitors for up to 47 minutes.

Nanchang Wanda Park "roller coaster" failure May 2, 2016, Nanchang Wanda theme park roller coaster failure suddenly stopped, 16 tourists were suspended in the air for 20 minutes at a height of 70 meters.

Fujian Quanzhou amusement park equipment failure June 27, 2016, Fujian Quanzhou amusement park, due to the failure of the flight tower, with manual mode can not lower the flight tower, there are five tourists trapped in the air. After that rescuers rushed to the scene and rescued five tourists safely in two successive times.

Shanghai Disneyland equipment failure January 10, 2017 at 19:40, Shanghai Disneyland "soar - leap horizon" ride failure, some visitors were hanging in mid-air for up to 30 minutes.

Ningbo Fantasy tourists fainted in the queue At around 10:27 on January 31, 2017, a tourist suddenly fainted in the waiting area of the Jungle Dragon (wooden roller coaster) project, and died after exhaustive treatment.

Chongqing Fengdu "space travel" project threw off a girl February 3, 2017, Chongqing Fengdu Chaohua Cultural Park amusement park accident. One of the safety belts suddenly broke in the ongoing "Journey to Space" ride, and a girl in the seat was thrown into the air, then fell and hit the guardrail, and was sent to the hospital for treatment, and died.

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"Large Amusement Rides Safety Code" and other new standards released, effective December 1 this year

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