Daily inspection, maintenance and repair of steel wire rope

Steel wire rope reel loading and unloading, handling, rolling, must use special loading and unloading, handling tools, to prevent the surface of steel wire rope is collision, strictly prohibited in the uneven ground rolling, steel wire rope surface can not stick to affect the use of stones, clay, etc., steel wire rope should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse.

  Wire rope daily inspection, maintenance and maintenance requirements: wire rope due to wear, corrosion or other effects will cause performance reduction. In order to avoid the steel wire rope because of the performance of your reduction and safety accidents, must regularly check the running state of the steel wire rope, must regularly check all the easy to wear parts of the steel wire rope, check the wire rope wear part of the broken wire situation. Inspection content should include the following: wire rope wear degree, broken wire situation, corrosion degree, lubrication situation, deformation situation, rope connection part, support wire rope ground roller wear degree or end fastening part and other abnormal phenomenon. To regularly do a good job of wire rope lubrication work, to ensure that the wire rope good lubrication state. Where the steel wire rope casting rigging in the root of the cast wire rope must be regularly oiled maintenance to prevent corrosion damage to the wire rope. Steel wire rope in the process of use should be regularly coated with oil to the wire rope to ensure rust prevention and lubrication, reduce friction, extend the service life of the wire rope.

  Steel wire rope in the reel, pulley, ground roller and other components sliding, long time friction these components are easy to wear up the groove, resulting in the wire rope wear faster, wire rope deformation damage, life reduced. Therefore, these components must be frequently inspected and maintained, if found wear and groove components deformation, must immediately replace.

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KINGSUN AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT invites you to participate in the 2019 Zhongshan Tour

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"Large Amusement Rides Safety Code" and other new standards released, effective December 1 this year

On May 17, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the National Standardization Administration approved the release of 390 national standards such as "Safety Code for Large Amusement Rides". The release of national standards related to public safety, social livelihood, improve product quality and other aspects, and economic and social development and people's lives are closely related.

In the playground parents' eyes do not leave the child

Another year of spring, the weekend or holiday, many parents will choose to take their children out to play, the playground is the ideal choice for parents. When the children enjoy the pleasure of playing, parents can not take it lightly, must pay attention to the safety of the children. Here Weihai Jinshan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds parents and friends to do the following precautions:

Operating procedures for amusement facility operators

The operation of amusement facilities is a very important work. Whether the operation is proper and how it should be operated in an emergency is directly related to the safety of the person and the equipment.

Beautiful scenery in the snow: a different kind of Weihai Jinshan play in winter

This is the first heavy snow in 2018, Weihai Jinshan Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is also a silver and white world. The silver dress is enchanting. Heavy snow fell suddenly, although it brought some difficulties to people's travel, but did not stop Jinshan people's enthusiasm for work. Under the leadership of Jinshan company, we quickly took action to clear the snow in a timely manner.

Important notice from KINGSUN AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT on customer service number

Important notice from KINGSUN AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT on customer service number