What is the preparation and inspection before the operation of large amusement equipment

In order to ensure that visitors can safely and happily enjoy the dynamic sensation brought by large amusement equipment, the operator must prepare and safety check the amusement equipment before operation every day; after inspection and no problems and two trial runs before the official operation.

Then we'll talk about the content of the daily inspection ~

>>>>>>>>>> safety inspection of the content:

1、The condition of the cockpit and seat belt

2、The condition of the safety fence

3、Safety safety device, emergency stop button action status

4、The condition of the electrical circuit, mechanical and pneumatic system parts

5、The condition of power supply voltage

Must check whether the cockpit support plate weld cracks, whether the fasteners are loose, and strictly fasten well according to the requirements.

After checking that there is no problem and no load is running normally before the official operation, and make a good record of operation.

In case of accident (emergency stop or power failure), passengers should be kept calm and in the seats as usual, and after the lift arm is lowered to the lowest position and stops slewing, open the pressure bar and safety belt and guide passengers to leave the ride.

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Important notice from KINGSUN AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT on customer service number

Important notice from KINGSUN AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT on customer service number