Large amusement equipment local fault judgment solution

①The front and rear shafts are not parallel, and the coplanarity of sprockets is poor. In terms of wear life, the performance of the chain depends largely on whether the front and rear shafts and sprockets are correctly equipped. The requirement is that the parallelism of the front and rear axes is within 1/300. If the chain is found to have the above problems during the working process, it should be adjusted in time.

②The chain tension of the amusement equipment is not normal. The tension of the chain is related to the sagging interval of the loose side of the chain. For the adjustable base distance horizontal slow skew transmission, the dip of the loose side of the chain should be 2% of the base distance. If the base line is straight transmission or subject to vibration load, the reverse transmission should make the chain tighter.

③The cooperation between chain and sprocket is not good. If the chain and sprocket are not cooperating well, maybe the chain hinge is worn out and the pitch is elongated, and if the chain is skipping teeth, the chain should be replaced in time. If the sprocket is worn out, it should be replaced to avoid damaging the new chain.

④Chain chattering. The possible factor is that the chain is too loose, the load is too big or one or more links are not flexible. The solution is to install chain tensioning equipment or adjust the base distance. If possible, drop the load.

⑤ The chain of amusement equipment works too noisy, the factors may be the sprocket is not co-planar, the chain is too big or too small, the smoothness is lacking, the chain and sprocket are worn, or the chain pitch scale is too big. The solution is: check the parallelism of front and rear axes and the coplanarity of sprockets to correct the situation. Adjust the base distance and tensioning equipment to get the proper tightness and ensure the smoothness to the workpiece.

(6) Chain plate side grinding. If the inner surface of the chain wrench of the inner link is worn severely, it is clarified that the transmission is not aligned. The solution is to check the alignment of the shaft and sprocket. If there is no problem with the equipment, it is possible to observe and check whether the rigidity is lacking due to excessive load deformation in the working process.

(7) The chain plate of the amusement equipment is tired. When the load is too large beyond the fatigue limit of the chain plate, the chain plate will be damaged by fatigue and small cracks will occur around the hole until it cracks. The solution is to reduce the load or replace the chain with a large bearing capacity.

⑧ Pin wear. The factor may be caused by the lack of smoothness. Check if there is abrasive in the smooth oil or change the smooth type.

⑨ Pin gluing. The pin gluing is generally caused by the lack of oil supply. If only one end is glued then we should check the equipment condition of the shaft and sprocket, whether the shaft is parallel, whether the sprocket is coplanar, and whether the shaft and sprocket are faltering during the work.

⑩ play equipment sprocket teeth wear. If both sides of the sprocket teeth have significant wear is the transmission alignment is not good. If the "bending groove" indicates excessive wear, the sprocket should be replaced, and the sprocket can also be installed backwards so that the lighter side of the wear towards the chain. Amusement equipment excessive wear sprocket and chain together with the best replacement.

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Important notice from KINGSUN AMUSEMENT EQUIPMENT on customer service number